TMI Alert Contends Application for Plant

 On December 22, 2008 the Nuclear Regulatory Commission accepted 

 PPL Bell Bend LLC, (1) Combined License Application (“COL” or "COLA") for an 

Evolutionary Power Reactor (“EPR”) at the Bell Bend  Nuclear Power Plant 

Docket No. 52-039. 


PPL Bell Bend is seeking approval to build and operate an EPR at the site, 

approximately seven miles northeast of Berwick. The EPR is an Areva-designed 

pressurized water reactor, with a nominal output of approximately 1,600 

megawatts of electricity. 


March 18, 2009, the NRC  announced the opportunity for public 

participation in a hearing on a Combined License application for a new reactor at 

the Bell Bend site near Berwick. The site is adjacent to the existing two-reactor 

Susquehanna Steam Electric Station. 

TMI Alert contended the approval for four reasons. Read the complete document as
presented by Eric Epstein, in the pdf below: