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TMI-Alert’s Comments on the Closing of Three Mile Island Unit-1


Three Mile Island Unit 1 (“TMI-1”) came on line in 1974, and functioned beyond the 40 years it was constructed and designed to operate. The cessation of operations provides the opportunity to decommission and decontamination TMI-1, and remove 1,200 metric tons of high level waste stranded in spent fuel pools.

TMI possesses a skilled work force with unique institutional knowledge that can be deployed to clean the site up to Greenfield.

Three Mile Island Unit-2 (“TMI-2”), the site of America’s worst commercial accident, has not been decontaminate or decommissioned. The closure of TMI-1 allows TMI-2 to be cleaned up 40 years after the core- melt accident.

We need to be vigilant, and ensure out-of-state limited liability companies do not renege on their commitments. Exelon has announced plans to moth ball TMI-1 for 60 years, lay off workers, and abandon the local community.

The next stage of the TMI saga will focus on the cleanup of Three Mile Island.

TMI-Alert supports an expedited cleanup process known as DECON. The organization offered 11 recommendations Before the House Environmental Committee: Testimony of Three Mile Island Alert, Inc. on Nuclear Waste Containment on April 29, 2019.

Subject:  Exelon Generation Company, LLC – Acceptance of License Amendment Request to Delete Decommissioning Trust License Conditions (EPID L-2019-LLA-0185)
ADAMS Accession No. ML19261A226

Subject: Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 -Relief From The Requirements Of The Asme Code Re: Examination And Testing For Containment Unbonded Post-Tensioning System   (EPID-L-2018-LLR-0132)
ADAMS Accession No. ML19226A023

Employees and community members celebrate its legacy of safe and reliable service

No: 19-047 September 18, 2019
CONTACT: Scott Burnell, 301-415-8200

NRC and FERC Commissioners to Discuss Grid Reliability, Reactor Issues

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 - Material Control and Accounting Program Inspection Report 05000277/2019402 and 05000278/2019402 (Cover Letter Only)
ADAMS Accession No.  ML19260G175

9/12/2019 - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Public Meeting on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Subsequent License Renewal of Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 at Peach Bottom, Delta PA

Criticisms on the use of Probability Analyses