Document Title:  Indian Point Nuclear Generating Unit 3 - Subsequent Request for Additional Information re: License Amendment Request to Revise Licensing Basis for New Auxiliary Lifting Device (E-mail dated 12/3/2021) (EPID L-2020-LLA-0051)
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                            Request for Additional Information (RAI)
Document Date:  12/03/2021
Please peruse Abstract of NUREG-1055 1984 Report to Congress on Quality Assurance entitled:

Improving Quality and the Assurance of Quality in the Design and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants A Report to Congress (NUREG-1055) 

At the request of Congress, NRC conducted a study of existing and alternative programs for improving quality and the assurance of quality in the design and construction of commercial nuclear power plants. A primary focus of the study was to determine the underlying causes of major quality-related problems in the construction of some nuclear power plants and the untimely detection and correction of these problems. The study concluded that the root cause for major quality-related problems was the failure or inability of some utility managements to effectively implement a management system that ensured adequate control over all aspects of the project. These management shortcoming arose in part from inexperience on the part of some project teams in the construction of nuclear power plants. NRC's past licensing and inspection practices did not adequately screen construction permit applicants for overall capability to manage or provide effective management oversight over the construction project.

The study recommends a number of improvements in industry and NRC programs. For industry, the study recommends self-imposed rising standards of excellence, treatment of quality assurance as a management tool, not a substitute for management, improved trend analysis and identification of root causes of quality problems, and a program of comprehensive third party audits of present and future construction projects. To improve NRC programs, the study recommends a heavier emphasis on team inspections and resident inspectors, an enhanced review of new applicant's capabilities to construct commercial nuclear power plants, more attention to management issues, improved diagnostic and trending capabilities, improved quality and quality assurance for operating reactors, and development of guidance to facilitate the prioritization of quality assurance measures commensurate with the importance of plant structures, systems, and components to the achievement of safety. This document should prove of value in critiquing the proposed changes in Quality Assurance in 2021

Thank you for review/consideration

Michael J. Keegan
Don't Waste Michigan

NRC Accepts Application for Kairos Construction Permit

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has accepted for review an application from Kairos Power for a permit to construct a test reactor at a site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Kairos submitted the first portion of the application on Sept. 29, and the remainder on Oct. 31.
The Kairos application seeks to build the company’s “Hermes” test reactor. The 35-megawatt, non-power reactor would use molten salt to cool the reactor core, providing operational data to support development of a larger version meant for a commercial nuclear power plant. The company will be required to submit a separate application for an operating license in the future.
Accepting the application for review, or “docketing,” does not indicate whether the Commission will approve or reject the construction permit request. Additional information regarding new reactor licensing and specific information on the review of the Hermes application is available on the NRC website.
Beginning in March 2018, Kairos engaged in extensive pre-application activities with the NRC staff to address key aspects of the Hermes design. Because of this constructive engagement, the agency was able to establish a shortened review schedule of 21 months. Barring unforeseen delays, the staff expects to complete its environmental and safety reviews by September 2023.
The NRC will soon publish in the Federal Register a notice of acceptance and docketing. A future Federal Register notice will provide an opportunity to intervene in an adjudicatory hearing.
Subject: Re: NRC Proceeding "Exelon Generation Company, LLC"
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Re: NRC Proceeding "Exelon Generation Company, LLC"
The Office of the Secretary has received a Submission entitled
submitted by Susan Satter who is affiliated with Illinois Attorney General's Office.  It contains 1 attachment(s).
It is intended for inclusion in the referenced proceeding. It was submitted through the NRC Electronic Information Exchange (EIE) system and arrived on 11/24/2021 at 06.00 PM.
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Receipt of this message constitutes completion of service of this filing.
PARTIES SERVED WITH THIS SUBMISSION:  Black, Amanda M.; Castellon, Krupskaya T.; Clark, Brooke P.; Docket, Hearing; Domeyer, Tamra; Epstein, Eric; Eskelsen, Grant; Hampton, Georgiann E.; Heck, Jared K.; Kearney, Margrethe; Krause, Emily I.; Lighty, Ryan K.; Naber, Anita G.; Newell, Brian P.; ocaamail, ocaamail; Polonsky, Alex; Ross, Peter; Roth, David E.; Satter, Susan; Shaw, Noah; Sola, Clara I; Speiser, Herald; Vrahoretis, Susan H.; Wachutka, Jeremy L.
Dear No Nuke Community
NRC's Semiannual Status Report on the Licensing Activities 
This Zip file of 3 provides NRC overview and status of Rule Makings
Michael J. Keegan
Don't Waste Michigan

11-16-21 Letter to the Honorable Edward Markey, et al., from NRC Chairman Hanson, submits the NRC's Semiannual Status Report on the Licensing Activities and Regulatory Duties of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, April 1 to September 30, 2021---

Dear Eric,

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Thank you and be well,
The NIRS Team
Diane D'Arrigo

Denise Jakosberg

Tim Judson

Ann McCann

Hannah Smay
NRC Terminates Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant License
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has terminated the license for the Humboldt Bay Power Plant, Unit 3, in California and released the site for unrestricted use. The termination comes after Pacific Gas & Electric Co. successfully decommissioned the facility to meet the NRC’s radiation protection standards.
Humboldt Bay Unit 3 was a boiling water reactor operated by PG&E from 1963 to 1976. Units 1 and 2 at the site, located approximately 4 miles from Eureka, California, in Humboldt County, were fossil fuel power plants that were previously decommissioned. PG&E currently operates a separate fossil fuel plant adjacent to the site.
Unit 3’s independent spent fuel storage installation will remain under a separate NRC license. PG&E remains responsible for the security and protection of the storage facility and is required to maintain $53.3 million in liability insurance coverage until the fuel has been removed from the storage facility site. PG&E also is responsible for safely decommissioning the storage facility site once the fuel is gone.
PG&E submitted final status surveys of the Unit 3 site and requested license termination in October. The NRC staff evaluated the surveys, conducted inspections, and reviewed confirmatory analyses before concluding the site meets NRC criteria for license termination for unrestricted use.
The NRC’s safety evaluation report of PG&E’s request to release the site will be available through the NRC website.

NRC Increases Oversight at Vogtle Unit 3
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will increase oversight at one of the Vogtle nuclear power plants under construction in Waynesboro, Georgia, after finalizing two inspection findings involving the safety-related electrical raceway system at Unit 3. Southern Nuclear Operating Company operates the site.
The NRC launched a special inspection in June 2021 to understand the cause and extent of construction quality issues in the electrical raceway system, consisting primarily of conduits and cable trays designed to prevent a single event from disabling redundant safety-related equipment.
The finalized inspection findings include two violations of federal regulations. NRC inspectors found that Southern Nuclear did not properly implement its corrective action program, resulting in construction quality issues, extensive rework, and a report to the NRC for a significant quality assurance breakdown. They also found that the company did not follow design specifications while installing safety-related cables for reactor coolant pumps and equipment designed to shut down the reactor safely.
In a written response to the initial report, Southern Nuclear proposed the NRC combine the two violations since both involve failing to adhere to engineering standards for electrical equipment and systems vital to emergency reactor shutdown. After considering the additional written information from the company and the inspection results, the NRC determined that the two findings would remain separate.
The NRC characterizes these findings as a low-to-moderate safety significance and will schedule a supplemental inspection to verify Southern Nuclear understands the root cause and has taken appropriate corrective actions.
There is no increased risk to the public as Southern Nuclear corrects the conditions as there is no nuclear fuel in the reactor. The NRC will not authorize the company to load fuel and operate Vogtle Unit 3 until it has met the standards in the combined license.

SUBJECT:   Exelon Generation Company, LLC - Approval of Indirect Transfer of Licenses and Draft Conforming License Amendments
ADAMS Accession Nos. 
Order: ML21277A192

Draft Amendments: ML21277A193

Safety Evaluation (Non-Proprietary): ML21277A248
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