Boy and Island: New podcast episode


New Podcast Episode
Boy and Island:
From Sorcery to Utility, Part 4

Hello and welcome back to the Boy And Island Podcast! In this episode, I weigh in on Meltdown the Netflix documentary on Three Mile Island, and continue my deep dive into Deja Vu and its ubiquitous presence in the modern popular psyche through revealing personal insights on The China Syndrome movie, my disturbing eyewitness account of the attacks on 9/11, the concept of Militainment, "wild history" and more.

Stay tuned for more podcast episodes on the way. Please contact me with any thoughts regarding the project. Take care!

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The Boy and Island podcast is a companion to the book project currently in development by Andrew Hurst. The podcast follows Andrew's creative process as he reflects on the Three Mile Island accident after 40-plus years and examines the remarkable ways that time has distorted, as well as clarified the event's importance as a pivotal moment in world history and as a penultimate event in his family's history.