Boy and Island: New podcast episode

New Podcast Episode

Boy and Island: Episode 4

Welcome back to the Boy and Island podcast!!!

Introducing: Episode 4 "Honor Thy Error as a Hidden Intention"
After a routine medical procedure goes awry, sending his father Jim into a months-long health crisis, Hurst embarks on an esoteric ponderance on the nature of errors that includes the zen wisdom of composer John Cage, Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies,” the roving spirituality of walking, the pleasures and terrors of misunderstood song lyrics, the tragic convergence of mechanical and human error at the center of the accident at Three Mile Island, and more!  Listen now

And a quick reminder to check out my very special interview with my mom, Anne Hurst, that commemorated the 44th anniversary of the accident at Three Mile Island back in March.

Thanks again for your interest. Stay tuned for some exciting news on the Boy and Island project.  Go to for more info, drop me a line, tell a friend and take care!


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The Boy and Island podcast is a companion to the book project currently in development by Andrew Hurst. The podcast follows Andrew's creative process as he reflects on the Three Mile Island accident after 40-plus years and examines the remarkable ways that time has distorted, as well as clarified the event's importance as a pivotal moment in world history and as a penultimate event in his family's history.