Exelon's re-org could rip off rate payers for billions dollars; Will PUC act?

Comments from TMI-Alert Chairman, Eric Epstein:

"Reading through the notice, it really is incredible that NRC would even consider this application, much less put it out for comment and hearing requests, with so little information about the new corporate owner under the spinoff."

"It is not possible for  NRC to make a determination on the financial qualifications of the new licensees, in particular, given what is known about reactors’ finances and the new company’s shortage of assets, and the sufficiency of guaranteed revenue sources."

"The whole matter of decommissioning funding assurance could also be a red flag, given that the new entity will not be affiliated with a regulated utility company. Exelon is still collecting decommissioning fund charges (NDCA tariffs)  from ratepayers for reactors Limerick and Peach Bottom."

“Would Governor Wolf, the legislature, and the PUC allow ratepayer charges for Peach Bottom and Limerick cleanup  funds if PECO is no longer affiliated with a regulated entity?"

This FRN posted up today 5/3/2021:

Exelon License Transfer