Incident Chronology at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant: 1974 - 2021

Philadelphia Electric's (PECO) applied for a license to operate the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in late-July, 1960. The application was approved by the Atomic Energy Commission. Peach Bottom was a 40 megawatt, High Temperature Graphite Moderated reactor that operated from 1966-1974. Peach Bottom 2 & 3 , are 1,065 megawatt Boiling Water Reactor designed by General Electric and engineered by Bechtel. Both reactors began operation in July, 1974, but had their licensees extended by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and are expected to operate though 2034.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) have clearly demonstrated that Philadelphia Electric's (PECO), renamed Exelon in 2000, performance has historically been lackadaisical and sub-par. In order to put Peach Bottom's operating history into perspective, it is necessary to review PECO's plant legacy.