NIRS: Nuclear Energy is Dirty Energy--Say NO to Trump's $100+ Billion nuclear bailout!

Dear Friend,

This week energy industry groups are hosting a lobby week in DC misnamed the “National Clean Energy Week (NCEW).” The NCEW website suggests nuclear power is “clean” energy — just like wind, solar, and hydropower.
What's worse is now the chips are down! The Department of Energy released its nuclear and coal bailout plan this morning – and it is even worse than we imagined, resulting in hundreds of billions of ratepayer dollars being used to bailout the nuclear industry.
This is unacceptable! Polluters want to trick us into thinking they’re part of our clean energy future, and we can't let them. Help stop the proposed $100+ Billion nuclear-and-coal bailout! 
Nuclear power makes millions of tons of radioactive and toxic waste every year, endangering human health and the environment for hundreds of thousands of years. Despite these impacts, nuclear power remains one of the most heavily subsidized energy sources. In fact, nuclear subsidies have often cost more than the value of the electricity the industry produces.  
Ratepayer dollars should not be used to support dangerous and dirty technologies masquerading as “clean energy.” Don't let the Trump administration bail out the nuclear industry. 
Nuclear energy is fundamentally uneconomical—it was declared the greatest managerial failure in business history 30 years ago. It's too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, and too slow. It has no place in our country’s energy future. 
Support NIRS in our campaign to Stop the Nuclear-and-Coal Bailout. Your contribution will be DOUBLED and will enable us to take action.
Thanks for all you do!

Tim Judson
Executive Director