Exelon Reports on Its Decommissioning Funds

 In this March 31, 2009 document, Exelon reports on the status of the decommissioning fund for each of its nuclear power plants, as the company is required to do by federal code. When plants were licensed, it was required that they maintain a fund to close down and clean up a reactor site at the end of its life, or for any other reason. 

To read the report, open pdf titled "Exelon 3-3-2009": 


In a 2007 report, Exelon explains to the NRC how it calculated the costs of decommissioning.

To read this report, open pdf titled "Exelon 11-2007": 

Other documents related to decommissioning are also attached, including Three Mile Island's 2008 decommissioning fund report for its idle Unit 2 reactor.