Those Plants Use A Lot of Water ... Who's Watching How Much?

In December 2005, TMI Alert gave this testimony before the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: 

 According to the Environmental protection Agency (EPA), the burning of 

natural gas in combustion turbines requires water. Natural gas-fired boiler and 

combined cycle systems do require water for cooling purposes. Connectiv's Mid- 

Merit  power plant will remove water from the Susquehanna River, and it is 

likely  fish and other aquatic life will be harmed, animals and people who depend 

on these aquatic resources will also be affected. 

Millions of  fish (game and consumable), fish eggs, shellfish and other 

organisms are sucked out of the Lower Susquehanna River and killed by nuclear 

power plants annually. Now large water consumers, including Connectiv, are 

compelled to invetorize mortality rates and identify species of aquatic life 

affected by water intakes. Older power plants like Brunner Island and the Peach 

Bottom Atomic Power Station (PBAPS 2 & 3) have the option of implementing 

fish-protection measures such as screens with fish return systems or traveling 

screens with backwash devices. 


To read the rest, and documents related to PPL's use of water from the Susquehanna River, 

open these documents: