Rebuilding trust at Yankee

From the Brattleboro Reformer:

Does Entergy really think that reassigning Vermont Yankee site vice president Jay Thayer to another position in the company is enough to restore people’s trust? Even Department of Public Service Commissioner David O’Brien on Wednesday called the move "tokenism."

Does Entergy really think that Vermonters are buying the remarks of its CEO, J. Wayne Leonard, that "Vermont has a lot more to lose than we do" if the Vernon reactor closes? Central Vermont Public Service and Green Mountain Power don’t seem to think so, since both are actively seeking alternatives to VY’s power, secure in the knowledge they can get cheaper electricity.

Does Entergy really think Vernon residents aren’t concerned that the ongoing tritium leak at Vermont Yankee might end up eventually in their well water? These formerly staunch supporters of VY are now worried that if their wells are contaminated, their homes will be nearly impossible to sell.

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