Now it's time to think green

From the Rutland Herald:

The low point in the debate last week about Vermont Yankee came on Tuesday when an executive from Entergy Corp., owner of the nuclear plant, said that if Vermont extended Yankee's license, the company would sell the state a block of low-cost power for three years. He said it was a gift and had nothing to do with the vote that loomed in the Senate.

The offer exhibited a level of cynicism that doomed for good Yankee's prospects in the Senate, which was scheduled to vote on Yankee's license the next day. Vermont policymakers and utility executives have expressed astonishment at the cluelessness of Entergy executives about Vermont. That the man from Entergy would offer a bribe, with the effrontery to say it wasn't a bribe, demonstrated how far removed from the practice of ordinary honesty Entergy executives have veered.

Another low point occurred when a group of Yankee workers angrily confronted a group of anti-Yankee business people at the Statehouse. It was a low point not because of the workers' anger. Rather, the incident demonstrated that the people hurt the most by Entergy's incompetence and dishonesty may be Entergy's own employees.

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