Security - Worker Background Checks

Facility: HOPE CREEK

Event Number: 45761



"This notification is being made pursuant to 10CFR50.72(b)(2)(xi) due to the issuance of a press release concerning an individual that previously performed work at Hope Creek Generating Station.

'PSEG Nuclear provided the following statement to Channel 6 News, the ABC-TV affiliate out of Philadelphia, which read as follows:

'Sharif Mobley previously worked as a laborer at PSEG Nuclear for a variety of contractors from 2002 to 2008 mainly during refueling outages for several weeks at a time. This individual satisfied federal security background checks required to work in the US nuclear industry as recently as 2008. While working here, he did routine labor work carrying supplies and assisting maintenance activities. He also worked at other nuclear plants in the region. We are cooperating with law enforcement as part of their investigation as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other nuclear plant operators.'

"Sharif Mobley has been the focus of recent news stories due to his activities in the country of Yemen."

"Hope Creek Generating Station is currently operating at 100%. There is no indication that the individual compromised the security of the station."

The licensee will inform the State of Delaware and New Jersey, the Lower Alloways Creek Township and the NRC Resident Inspector.