TMI History

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Legal History of Three Mile Island

Three Mile Island-1 (TMI-1) , came on line in September 1974 at a cost of $400 million. Legal intervention was conducted by the Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power (ECNP) based in State College.

Safety Problems at TMI

Three Mile Island Safety Problems

  • Safety Equipment Cutbacks
  • TMI Fails Emergency Test
  • Deregulation Makes another
    Accident More Likely
  • Worries From Within the Industry
  • Former TMI Engineer Testifies
  • No Fine Despite Violations

History of Fire Problems at TMI

Three Mile Island Unit-2

February 1987 - The NRC issued Violations for two fires that occurred in the Unit 2 reactor building. "According to a GPU News release, "one fired occurred when sparks from a welder's torch ignited rags, a plastic bucket and a hose inside a room used for toll decontamination. The second occurred five days later when sparks from a welder's torch ignited a canvass curtain".

Water Problems at Three Mile Island: 1980-2003


TMI-2: 1980 - The Susquehanna Valley Alliance, based in Lancaster, successfully prevented GPU/Met Ed from dumping 700,000 gallons of radioactive water into the Susquehanna River.



TMI-1: August 14, 1985 - Three-thousand gallons of LLRW water leaked into the containment building.


Radiation Monitoring Log 2002-2003


Ms. Debbie Davenport monitors Reuter-Stokes readings 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, 365 days-a-year. Simply put, without Debbie Davenport, the community would not have real-time, gamma monitoring at Three Mile Island!

Ralph DiSantis replaced Dave Carl as the point of contact for Reuter-Stokes. Mr. Carl retired from AmerGen. Earlier in the year, Tim Bradley a veteran of TMI Health Physics and the Reuter-Stokes troubleshooter, also retired.

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