Bernabei to Represent Epstein; Three Mile Island Unit-2 Hearing Open to the Public, (January 19, 2023)

Lynne Bernabei has taken the case on behalf
of Eric Epstein. Assisting is her associate Kristen
Sinsi, also from Bernabei & Kabat.

Lynne has litigated TMI-2 issues relating to
the Accident, corporate misconduct, and 
the decontamination of TMI-2. She specializes 
in protecting Whistleblowers, and also practices
in the areas of Discrimination and Retaliation,
Sexual Harassment Law, and Negotiating
Executive Contracts and Severance Agreements.

I will provide technical support. We have reached
out to Dr. Michio Kaku to expand on his TMI-2 criticality.

This TMI hearing is open to the public.
Eric Epstein