Come Hades or high water? Extending reactor licenses

Beyond Nuclear Bulletin
June 27, 2024

More analysis of pro-nuke law
On Wednesday, WBAI's "Eco-Logic" hosted Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps, and NIRS's Diane D'Arrigo, to discuss Congress's passage last week of the extremely pro-nuclear power ADVANCE Act. ADVANCE is short for Accelerating Deployment of Versatile Advanced Nuclear for Clean Energy. Also on June 26, Beyond Nuclear board member Karl Grossman published "Congress's Nuclear Addiction" in Counterpunch, quoting Kamps, D'Arrigo, and others about this bill, now poised for President Biden's signature into law. Grossman's quotes of Kamps were taken from their interview on recent episodes of Enviro Close-Up, "The New Nuclear Push" Parts 1 and 2. The new law undermines NRC's safety mandate, by adding a simultaneous and schizophrenic industry promotion mandate, a high-risk, 50-year step backwards.

...under a 385 foot dam?
Beyond Nuclear’s recent argument over admissibility of its contentions was before an Atomic Safety Licensing Board that is reviewing the 60- to 80-year license extension out to 2053 and 2054 to Duke Energy’s Oconee nuclear station that is sited downstream and 300 feet below the impounded water level in Lake Jocassee behind Jocassee Dam. NRC staff contend that climate change impacts are “outside of the scope” of their environmental review.

White House bankrupt on climate, EJ
In light of the White House’s hypocrisy in supporting nuclear power, while simultaneously claiming to care about Environmental Justice in the context of climate crises, Beyond Nuclear submitted the following comments to the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council:
“It is clear…that what the White House states as its Environmental Justice mission, and the policies it supports on nuclear technology in the context of the climate crisis, are in serious conflict…Nuclear power… make[s] attaining the White House climate crisis goals, particularly accounting for Environmental Justice principles, much less likely…Environmental Justice shoved aside. National security compromised. Health and environment discounted. What else will this Administration sacrifice for this dangerous energy source, so ill-equipped to address climate change?”

Let’s stop it
Nuclear madness is everywhere. Our government is determined to promote new reactors and the continued use of dangerous old ones, as long as we pay for them. Executives and politicians have even been convicted of crimes to ensure this happens. The media laps up the rhetoric and parrots the lie that nuclear power is “carbon-free”. 
Yet, spending those same dollars on renewables would get us more carbon reductions faster and without all the deadly risks of nuclear power. That’s why we need your support now more than ever to block these dangerous proposals at every step including through legal action. If you agree that nuclear power is NOT the answer to the climate crisis, please donateto Beyond Nuclear today.

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