Community solar facility bill passes state House

Community solar facility bill passes state house 
Stacy Wescoe//March 29, 2024//  
A bill that would make it easier for homeowners in Pennsylvania to save money with solar technology has been passed by the State House of Representatives. 
The legislation, which was introduced by Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, would create a community solar program. 
Power customers would be allowed to subscribe to a portion of a community solar facility with guaranteed savings; allow for the creation, financing, accessibility and operation of community solar generating facilities; encourage development of community solar programs and encourage participation in programs which will benefit low to moderate income customers and their communities. 
“This bill is a win-win-win for Pennsylvanians as it would open access to renewable energy, ease the amount of energy output on the grid, help protect the environment and bring in thousands of good paying jobs to the commonwealth,” said Schweyer, D-Lehigh. “This would benefit the thousands of people, who like me, live in homes that do not have the space to support solar panels on their property.” 
A community solar facility would be run by a nonprofit such as Solar United Neighbors (SUN), which is a national nonprofit organization that arranges solar co-ops for group purchase of home solar panel installations 
 “We are thrilled to see HB 1842 moving forward swiftly with bipartisan support,” said Monica Carey, Pennsylvania program director for SUN. “This bill will make solar energy more accessible and affordable for people throughout Pennsylvania. It promotes energy equity and ensures the benefits of community solar reach low-and-moderate income subscribers. The added benefits of HB 1842 include job creation for Pennsylvania workers and diversification of our energy sources in the process.”  
 House Bill 1842 now heads to the Senate for consideration 
“We now urge the Senate to continue this momentum so we can finally give Pennsylvanians the ability to choose what’s right for them when it comes to their electricity,” Carey said. “SUN’s 22,500 members in Pennsylvania, along with others across the commonwealth, are eager to experience the money-saving, clean energy benefits of community solar.”