DTE says, "Price gouge your customers and don't clean up your messes."

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There's some pretty frustrating news from DTE this month, detailed by our Grandmother Jessie Collins in this month's newsletter. Check out the following highlights:
  1. DTE filed for a 20-year extension from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for Fermi 2’s license, set to expire in 2025. CRAFT filed legally to stop the extension but we were unsuccessful. This August, the NRC will be conducting an inspection of the commitments DTE has made in order to receive their extension. Of the 37 commitments DTE made, only 10 are completed. Can they complete the other 27 in time? We’ve included the list in this month’s newsletter, which lists mostly technobabble with the occasional extremely vague statement like “enhance self-assessment.”
  2. DTE has requested another rate hike 4 months after their last increase: in December, they were approved for a $368 million increase and are now asking for an additional $450 million. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is challenging DTE, calling this recent request “absurd in both the astounding dollars and obnoxious timing.” Nessel has launched a website where we can file our horror stories as ratepayers, go check it out and support her in facing down DTE.
  3. The Fermi 1 reactor suffered a partial meltdown in 1972 (52 years ago) and DTE has still not cleaned up their mess. Every year, DTE files a report with the NRC with details about Fermi 1’s current status, including revealing that the decommissioning trust fund is $23.5 million short of where it needs to be. Meanwhile, the Fermi 2 decommissioning fund is full and millions of ratepayer dollars are supposed to be going towards it every year. So, where is that money going? And why does DTE need another rate hike?
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Citizen's Resistance At Fermi Two (CRAFT) is an Indigenous-led, grassroots, organization, committed to an accessible, fair, and just energy future for all! CRAFT originally formed after the Christmas Day 1993 incident at the Fermi2 nuclear reactor that dumped 1.5 million gallons of untreated toxic, radioactive water into Lake Erie. We will continue to push for the closing of Fermi2, and for a safer world powered by renewables.