Harrisburg's last newsstand being sold

Amber Gerard
After more than three decades in business. The owners of transit news — the last remaining news stand in Harrisburg announced they're looking to sell.
When most people think of a newsstand at an airport or train station they think People magazine, Michael Crichton, sodas, peanuts and phone chargers.
Now, add Upton Sinclair, Sylvia Plath and Richard Wright to that list and you've got transit news.
"The old Pittsburgh Airport – they kept two shelves of classics – in the insanity of business travel it was like an Island of sanity," said Transit News owner, Bill Cologie.
Cologie thought if he had the chance that's what he would do. And when he opened Transit News he did – and still does today.
"I contacted some of my friends and said is there any book you would recommend. One guy said Fly Fishing thru mid-life crisis and one suggested one on Scotch Whiskey,” Cologie said.
But sadly, the shelf lives of these books are numbered.
"The rent is too high. We need lower rent in here – new haven't made money in two years,” Cologie said.
Using money from his own pocket, along with PPP loans he managed to make it to this side of the pandemic but now, gone are a lot of the passengers his business depended on.
"State workers from all up and down the railroad down,” Cologie said.
All traveling to and from Harrisburg.
"People who lived in Philly who commuted every day by train and then every place in between,” Cologie said.
And the events that used to draw people to the city.
"Trade Associations used to have workshops and lobbying days and they haven't had workshops here in Harrisburg they all do them on zoom now,” Cologie said.
Another reason for the decision – his only two employees will be leaving soon. And he just can't afford to train new people while paying existing staff.
Without a buyer, Cologie says the store will close at the end of March.