NRC Issues Confirmatory Order to the Department of Veterans Affairs

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - News Release
No: III-22-006 April 21, 2022
Contact: Viktoria Mitlyng, 630-829-9662 Prema Chandrathil, 630-829-9663
NRC Issues Confirmatory Order to the Department of Veterans Affairs
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a Confirmatory Order to the Department of Veterans Affairs documenting an agreed upon set of actions to address two apparent violations of NRC requirements.
The apparent violations occurred when a nuclear medicine technician at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System facility deliberately failed to complete a required test and falsified records related to that test. The VA holds a Master Materials License from the NRC, which authorizes federal organizations to use nuclear material at multiple sites.
The organization’s officials requested the NRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution process, where a neutral mediator assists the NRC and its licensee in reaching an agreement regarding the corrective and preventative actions to be taken by the organization. The NRC could refrain from issuing a Notice of Violation or a Civil Penalty for the apparent violations.
The Order documents the commitments made by the VA following the March 2, 2022, ADR mediation session. The commitments include conducting a nationwide anonymous safety culture survey of VA employees working with nuclear materials; conducting safety culture training; and re- energizing the VA’s employee concerns program related to reporting of radioactive program allegations or adverse events.
The agency’s Dec. 2, 2021, investigation report describes the circumstances of the apparent violations and the VA’s actions following the incident.