Our New Website, Upcoming Event, and March Newsletter

We have so many exciting things to share with you, thank you for being here with us, for caring about the safety of the earth and water, and for investing in a nuclear-free, clean energy future.
  • We have a brand new website. We hope and trust it will make it easier for people to find us, stay connected, and updated on important news. We will also be rolling out some very useful resources and opportunities to take action there. So, please do check it out and let us know what you think.
  • Our March Newsletter is ready for you as a downloadable, and/or printable PDF, here on our website.
  • We are hosting an amazing event, featuring a phenomenal lineup of speakers and musicians, on Thursday, March 11, from 4:00 - 6:00 PM ET:
In this event, we seek to acknowledge and remember Fukushima, the trauma caused to the earth and the lives forever impacted by its meltdown. We carry with us the ties to the terrible incident, not only by shared earth, but also by way of a shared, and fatally flawed, reactor model. Not only is Fermi 2 the same Mark1 design, but is the world’s largest! The accountability to safety not only falls on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) but on the Detroit Edison (DTE) utility company as well. 
In the ten years since the Fukushima meltdown, we have gathered ten years’ worth of evidence against Mark 1 reactors and dirty, dangerous nuclear energy in general. We’ve also gathered ten years of momentum in renewable energy development and generation capacity. At this crossroads, we stand in acknowledgment of the importance of the waters of the Great Lakes and commit to ensuring their safety. 
You can learn more about and/or sign up to attend this FREE event here. And/or follow us on social media to stay in the know.
We hope to see you at Protecting Our Earth on March 11th, thank you again for being with us.
The CRAFT Team