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 Remember TMI, March 28, 2009: Thirty Years since the Atomic Accident


The NRC and the nuclear industry are attempting to revise the history of the Three Mile Island accident on March 28, 1979. They say no significant amount of radiation got out and nobody got sick or died. The nuclear industry's sophists-for-hire call TMI a nuclear industry success story.  Nothing is farther from the truth.


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If you missed the live TV coverage on CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite on March 30, 1979 you can watch his extensive news broadcast just two days into the accident on the YouTube links from our website. 


You can also visit Turning Tides Productions from our Web site and get a Free MP3 Download of "Voices from Three Mile Island" which originally aired on 65 public radio stations across the United States on the accident's first anniversary, March 28, 1980. "Voices" chronicles the personal experiences ofPennsylvania residents in communities around and downwind of the stricken reactor.


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