Epstein Reply: PPL Needs to Talk Straight

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On October 15, 2008, Governor Edward Rendell signed HB 2200 into law 

as Act 129 of 2008 (“Act 129” or the “Act”), with an effective date of November 

14, 2008.  Act 129 expands the oversight responsibilities of the Pennsylvania 

Public Utility Commission (“Commission”) and imposes new requirements on 

Electric Distribution Companies (“EDCs”) in an effort to reduce energy 

consumption and demand, enhance the circumstances for the procurement of 

generation supply for default service, expand the installation of smart meter 

technology and expand the availability of alternative energy sources. ...


PPL Electric’s EE&C Plan is vague in certain areas, and diminishes the 

roles of nonprofit and community-based organizations. Of particular concern is 

the fact that PPL Electric’s EE&C Plan is less than straightforward in its 

discussion of projected programming costs. In addition, the Company’s proposal 

to have the ability to add or subtract programs without Commission approval is 

a significant concern. 



Read the entire reply of TMI Alert Chairman Eric Epstein, to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: