International Peace Walk for a Nuclear Free Future

Greetings fellow walkers and hosts,

The International Peace Walk for a Nuclear Free Future finally completed it's journey as we walked into New York City last Saturday, joining with the other three walks that had arrived and the thousands of others who were converging for the NPT Review Conference.  Receiving this letter means you touched the walk in some way, either as a walker, hosting us, bringing us food, or helping out in some other way; one way or the other your email got into our records.  We are so grateful for all the tremendous efforts everybody made as we passed through so many communities and met so many wonderful people.  You have inspired and energized us to keep working to end the nuclear madness that threatens us all.

We in Footprints for Peace hope we can all keep in touch.  The best way for you to find out what we are doing is to go to our website and sign up for our newsletter, and you can become a friend of Footprints for Peace on Facebook.  We are planning a couple of events this summer you might be interested in:

  • Run for Freedom, June 12 and 13 we will run for Leonard Peltier
  • Bikes Not Bombs, July 29 to August 6 we will bike from Portsmouth, OH to Oak Ridge, TN for the Names and Remembrance Ceremony on Hiroshima day at Y-12

There is information about both of these events on our website.  We also support and/or will participate in the following events:

  • Flower Festival at the Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda, May 15 (
  • Mountain Justice Summer training camp, May 27 to June 6, on Pine Mountain, KY (
  • Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future, July 4th weekend, Maryville College and Y-12, Oak Ridge, TN (
  • Scotland International Peace Walk for a Nuclear Free Future, July 31 to August 29 (information on our website)

As we continue to replenish our souls in anticipation of a busy summer, we remember that the Women's Walk for Peace from Brisbane to Canberra in Australia is still going strong.  Information about that walk is also on our website. We send them our love and support.

in peace and solidarity,
Jon Blickenstaff
FootPrints for Peace