Peach Bottom Granted Extension on Leak Rate Test

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  Exelon Generation Company, LLC, (Exelon) submitted a license amendment request (LAR) for Peach 

Bottom Atomic Power Station (PBAPS), Unit 2. The LAR seeks to revise the PBAPS Unit 2 

Technical Specifications (TSs) to modify TS 5.5.12, "Primary Containment Leakage Rate 

Testing Program." The proposed change would revise TS 5.5.12 to reflect a one-time extension 

of the containment Type A Integrated Leak Rate Test from 10 to 15 years. The purpose of this 

letter is to provide the results of the NRC staffs acceptance review of the LAR. The acceptance 

review was performed to determine if there is sufficient technical information to allow the NRC 

staff to complete its detailed technical review. 


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