TMIA Rulemaking Petitions


NRC: TMIA Rulemaking Petitions

 The !\IRC Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (I\IRR) has instructed its staff to perform an audit 

of licensees' commitment management programs once every 3 years to determine whether the 

licensees' programs are consistent with the industry guidance in NEI 99-04, and that regulatory 

 On September 23, 2009, a Category 1 public meeting was held by teleconference between the 

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and representatives of Exelon Generation 

Company, LLC (Exelon, the licensee). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss remaining 

August 26, 2009



WASHINGTON — Many of the hundreds of workers at the Shearon Harris nuclear plant in New Hill, N.C., are busy with high-tech tasks like calibrating equipment, monitoring radiation fields or controlling the reactor. But around the clock, there are three on duty who might have come out of another century.

They sniff for smoke.


 Notice of Availability of the Draft Revision to Generic 

Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants, 

Revision 1, NUREG-1437 and Public Meetings (see complete info from the Federal Register at bottom.) 


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is proposing to amend 

·        its environmental protection regulations by updating the Commission's 

·        1996 findings on the environmental impacts related to the renewal of a 

·        nuclear power plant's operating license. The Commission stated that it 

·        intends to review the assessment of impacts and update it on a 10-year 

·        cycle, if necessary. The proposed rule redefines the number and scope 

·        of the environmental impact issues which must be addressed by the 

·        Commission in conjunction with the review of applications for license 

·        renewal.



 July 24, 2009

Decision will influence future of industry

By PETER BEHR of ClimateWire

The Obama administration is close to a decision on filling two vacancies on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, according to industry and congressional sources. The appointments would come at a pivotal time for the industry's hopes of a revival, as NRC weighs operating license applications for a handful of new reactors and a review of its waste fuel policy.

The administration is believed to have settled on former Energy Department official William Magwood and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor George Apostolakis as the nominees. Both would be welcomed by the industry, officials said.


 The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (the Commission) is considering the issuance 

of an order under Title 10 of the CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS (10 CFR), Section 50.80 

approving the indirect transfer of the Facility Operating License DPR-12 for Peach Bottom 


Eric Epstein, Chairman of Three Mile Island Alert, contends PPL's application for a license to construct a nuclear reactor at Bell Bend near Berwick, Pa. leaves at least four serious matters in need of attention. 

Epstein contends that the federally required funds to decommission (close down) a plant are inadequate. 

He also told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that PPL's has no solid plan for how to dispose of low-level radioactive waste. 







The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will host several public workshops next year to gather input on the agency’s draft policy statement on “safety culture,” and the staff wants to hear from individuals interested in participating in the workshops’ roundtable discussions.

To read the NRC memo, open pdf: 



Let's talk about something no one is happy with--citizen and state participation in Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing hearings on nuclear plants and facilities. The industry and commission's view is that those who are flat out opposed should express themselves somewhere else, instead of tying up NRC hearings with safety issues best left to government experts. But because of federal preemption of safety regulation, states have no say in these matters and there is no somewhere else. Citizens and states can influence nuclear construction only by participating in NRC hearings, which allow only narrow technical arguments.


  Exelon Generation Company, LLC, (Exelon) submitted a license amendment request (LAR) for Peach 

Bottom Atomic Power Station (PBAPS), Units 2 and 3. The LAR seeks to revise the PBAPS