It’s Time To Pull the Plug on Deregulation

By Eric Epstein 


With rates set to spike, a dramatic rise in the number of delinquent

customers, and the number of consumers losing power at record levels, 

can we afford to do nothing as PPL sets to jack up electric rates by 40 percent? 

Nuclear Power - The 'Other White Meat'

By Eric Epstein 


"My party, the Republican party, is too deep in bed with the coal, oil and electric utility industries to remember its free market principles." 

-Jim Rubens, former state senator from Hanover, New Hampshire


      Federal legislation passed by Congress spells the demise of the free enterprise system as a means to address our energy problems. Remember when Republicans were welded to the notion that entrepreneurs should decide what constitutes the most prudent investment? Wasn’t it yesterday that conservatives proclaimed that the market is best suited to determine what technology should move America forward? 

Nuclear Footprint Ignored

By Eric Epstein


   PPL has announced its strategy to cure global warming: add another nuclear generating station.

Evacuating Three Mile Island:A Parent's Perspective

By Eric Epstein 

Central Pennsylvania is middle America. We enjoy holiday parades, Friday night football and old fashioned everything. We welcome the change of seasons and pretty much stay put from generation to generation.We’re used to America coming to us to visit Gettysburg, marvel at the Amish, and smell Hershey chocolate. 

Nuclear Plant Security Requires Guards at Entrances

By Scott D. Portzline


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will vote against adopting a requirement for guards at nuclear power plant entrances some time before spring 2009. 

The vast majority of citizens, legislators and government officials agree with Three Mile Island Alert’s petition for rulemaking to add such a rule.

Who is the 'reasonably maximally exposed' individual?

By Marlene Lang 


On June 2, 2008, the U.S. Department of Energy was expected to file its application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license to move ahead with building the nation a nuclear waste dump 90 miles outside of Las Vegas, near fault lines and only 8 miles from the site of a 1992 earthquake. And above the water table. Has anyone told the DOE that water flows down, and carries with it almost anything that crosses its path?  

Three Mile Island Thirty Year Later: Accident Without An End; Industry Without Answers


(Harrisburg, Pa) - The core meltdown at Three Mile Island Unit-2 (TMI) beginning on March 28, 1979 ignited a fierce debate about the role of commercial nuclear power. 


Eric Epstein, Chairman of TMI-Alert said, “In the three decades following the melt down, Americans have been exposed to a mercurial flow of misleading information relating to nuclear power. Nuclear energy is not a safe, secure or economical source of energy.”


Andrew Stein, TMIA’s economist, stated: “Three core problems and unresolved questions associated with nuclear power production continue to bedevil the industry: 

“Where is the waste going to go?” 

“Where is the water going to come from?”

“Why is 'Wall Street' sitting on the sidelines?”

Stein added, “In the last decade, costs associated with security, fuel, labor and nuclear waste disposal have priced nuclear power out of the marketplace.”

The Next Nuclear Bailout: Cleaning Up Pennsylvania’s Nuclear Power Plants

By Eric Epstein 

  Three Mile Island Alert, Inc. (TMIA) has been actively involved with issues pertaining to nuclear decommissioning since the March 1979 accident at Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit-2.  Specifically, We've asked: Who should pay the cost of nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management? 

25 years after the accident, here's what was said

Just because a quarter-century has passed since the accident at Three Mile Island doesn't mean we should shut up about it.

SARA KELLY, Philadelphia Weekly, March 3, 2004

"It was the first step in a nuclear nightmare..."


The CBS Evening News began with these words
from Walter Cronkite on March 28, 1979


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