The Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island: Day 2

Thursday March 29, 1979


The Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island: Day 1

March 28, 1979

from the President's Commission report

TMI Reactor Building 2

TMI Reactor Building 2 might become a permanent waste site.


Funky Winkerbean

Funky Winkerbean

Why We Oppose the Move to Chester County

By Eric Epstein


  Exelon’s relocation of Three Mile Island’s Emergency Operations Facility (EOF) and Joint Information Center (JIC) to Chester County focused on geographic and technical considerations, as well as cost savings. These are important and meaningful components of this discussion. However, it is also necessary to review the history of communication and emergency preparedness problems at Three Mile Island (TMI). 

The 'Brown Side' of Nuclear Power


By Eric Epstein


Remember the environmentalist who proclaimed the dawn of a new day as he drove around town in his electric powered automobile? He chirped about the cleanliness of this mode of transport until it was pointed out that the battery was charged by the coal burning power plant down the road...

Well, he’s baaaaaaaack!  A little plumper and older but still addicted. This time he’s got a better deal: Nuclear power.

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