By  Eric J.  Epstein
Three Mile Island Unit-2 was built at a cost to rate payers of $700 million and had been on-line for just 90 days, or 1/120 of its expected operating life, at the time of the core melt accident on March 28, 1979 . One billion dollars from rate payers, taxpayers and the nuclear industry was spent to defuel the facility.


11 March - 10:30 AM – Release of Steam Generator Press Packet

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The pebble bed reactor is being touted as nearly "accident proof." It is being hailed as the savior of the nuclear industry. Three Mile Island Alert opposes this reactor design because of its inherent dangerous safety defects.

A fundamental issue...

 Following the accident, many state and federal legislators were opposed to the restart of the undamaged Unit 1. Even Pennsylvania Governor Thornburgh was against restart until all of the safety problems were understood and resolved. But, it seemed like nothing was going to interfere with restarting Unit 1. The citizens surrounding TMI voted overwhelmingly to reject the restart.