Decommissioning testimony & studies

 All nuclear decommissioning studies rely on similar assumptions supplied 

by TLG Industries which is owned and operated by Entergy. TLG continues to 

base decommissioning estimates on “field” studies (1) extrapolated from small,  

minimally contaminated, and/or prematurely shutdown nuclear reactors. 

These estimates are based on Base Rate Case proceedings before the Pennsylvania 

Public Utility Commission (“PA PUC”). TLG Industries current estimates have 

increased three fold since 1995. The 1995 predictions witnessed a similar 

increase when compared to TLG’s 1990 assessments.  


To read the full TMIA report, open pdf: 

 Three Mile Island Alert, Inc. (“TMIA”) is a safe-energy organization based 

in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and founded in 1977. TMIA monitors the Peach 

Bottom Atomic Power Station, Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, and the 

Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station. TMIA has been actively involved 

with issues pertaining to nuclear decommissioning since the March 1979 

accident at Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit-2 forced the premature shutdown of the 

reactor with no decommissioning funding in place. 


To read TMIA's testimony, open pdf.

March 2007 

 In accordance with 10 CFR 50.75, "Reporting and recordkeeping for decommissioning 

planning," paragraph (f)(1), Exelon Generation Company, LLC (EGC) and AmerGen 

Energy Company, LLC (AmerGen) are submitting a report on the status of 

decommissioning funding for the reactors owned by EGC and AmerGen. 


Open pdf to read the full report. 

By Eric Epstein 


"My party, the Republican party, is too deep in bed with the coal, oil and electric utility industries to remember its free market principles." 

-Jim Rubens, former state senator from Hanover, New Hampshire


      Federal legislation passed by Congress spells the demise of the free enterprise system as a means to address our energy problems. Remember when Republicans were welded to the notion that entrepreneurs should decide what constitutes the most prudent investment? Wasn’t it yesterday that conservatives proclaimed that the market is best suited to determine what technology should move America forward?